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I want to make a music video for my song "Every Heart" that shows all different couples showing their love…  Unfortunately I know little about working expensive cameras, getting locations and finding people to do it with a less than minimal budget.   But I thought I could edit people's own videos.

Though we have come so far… especially in the last 10 years, recent events have shown a light on how far we still have to go.  The media lately has been portrayed as an entity that has shoved liberal ideas down people's throats, but I believe that they were a tremendous help in turning the hearts and minds, like mine.

I remember growing up in an all-white town.  Though, in school, and on TV, there seemed to be a message of tolerance and acceptence, what people said and did in real life reinforced old ideas about race, sexuality, and love.  I still feel those old twitches like an amputated phantom limb.  I remember when I was not yet so "evolved" in my understanding that we all share the same heart… the same feeling of love.

So my idea is simple… send a short video (less than 30 seconds) of you with someone you love.  I need every (what others) percieved difference doing something with someone they love… a simple kiss.. a hug.  sitting on the couch embracing… Singing along to the words of the song…  holding up a paper with a heart on it etc.  It could even be an existing home movie clip that you think might help.  show the world in your own way and help them recognize the love they have in their hearts is the same as yours.

I think of myself as the bridge for my daughter from my parents biased old way of thinking… a fearful, ignorant, reinforced by their experiences growing up view… to a new embracing understanding and empathy.  I want to help my daughter grow up in a world where she never has to know the ugliness that bias.  Wlll she? Surely.  But perhaps she will see it as the rare ugly exception and not the rule.

Please feel free to send this along to people you know who might be interested in this project.

Here is a link to the song on youtube:

Please send videos via the free site:

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